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Domain name purchase 

The below information is designed to provide you with basic information of aspects of domain names you will likely come across and some popular providers which you can engage in order to purchase a domain name.


Domain name: A domain name or web address is the set words to identify a site on the internet e.g. www.yourdomain.com.au. They can have many top-level extensions such as .com, .net, .com.au, .com.au etc.

DNS: Stand for Domain Name Servers (DNS) and is a server which holds records of IP addresses and their corresponding domain name/web addresses. Basically speaking, it is the server that translates the web address you input into your browser (www.yourdomain.com.au) to the corresponding IP address (111.234.532.563) that allows your computer to show you the website

IP address: A group of numbers separated by full stops (e.g. 111.234.532.563) which identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over the internet.

A record: A record  or Address Record, is responsible for pointing a given domain name to a given IP address. For example, you can create an A record from your domain name administration panel pointing www.yourdomain.com to  111.234.532.563. 

CNAME record: A CNAME record, stands for Canonical Name record and is a type of DNS record used to specify that a domain name is an alias for another domain. There are usually 2 ways you can redirect a domain name – one is through an A Record and the other is through a CNAME record. In the case of CNAME records, you would generally create one pointing one domain to another domain (not an IP address like A records). e.g. yourdomain.com.au pointing to anotherdomain.com.au 


Popular domain name providers

Below is a list of popular domain name and hosting providers. You will only need to purchase a domain name and GlobalX will handle the hosting of your GlobalX built website free of charge. You can use the links below to visit each of the domain name providers, compare prices, check domain name availability and make a purchase. Once you have made a purchase you can use the instructions here to redirect your domain name to GlobalX hosting.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: The below are all third party vendors which are in no way affiliated with GlobalX. GlobalX in no way endorses any particular provider over another and is not responsible for the products, services or level of customer service afforded by the above vendors – this list is provided for strictly information purposes only to guide your domain name purchase decision.